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Venus Moving into Cancer

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

From July 18th to August 11th Venus will be in the sign of Cancer.

Venus symbolises love, appeal, ambition, beauty, and passion. It will represent balance, devotion, desire, creativity, and allure. Where we find Venus, either natally or in real-time, will show us how we want to express our love (especially in our intimate relationships) and our creativity.

Cancer is the Mother of the zodiac and represents family, home and the past. Any planets that transit through the sign of Cancer will focus on how their energy can be used in the context of the emotional well-being of ourselves and those that we hold dear to us.

When Venus moves into the sign of Cancer, it will urge us to build deeper emotional relationships with our friends, family and self. Reaching out to have a meal with a friend you have only been speaking to via phone may come up. Spending time on our self-love and expression will also be a positive way to use this transit. Cancer is all about deep intuitive connections, so spend this time with people that genuinely care about you (no more wishy-washy friends).

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and is highly intuitive and moody, so watch out for the random mood swings with our loved ones. This is a great time to start a new self-love routine and reconnect with our inner child, becoming our personal divine mother using the feminine energy in all of us.

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