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Mercury in Virgo Transit 2022

Mercury rules Virgo it is also exalted there putting Mercury in the best position it can be during this time.

Mercury represents the way that we think and communicated. Virgo is an adaptable and conscientious sign, so when Mercury moves into Virgo, it will make our thoughts more practical and pragmatic. Helping is to create plans to assist with the Mars, Uranus and North Node conjunction.

Whilst Mercury is in Virgo it also is not clashing to the triple conjunction through a square aspect, it will form a trine with the conjunction helping us to better understand a navigate the energy but by this time Mars will also be leaving Taurus and moving into Gemini where it will be for 6 months.

If you would like to know what is happening for the rest of the month and how this energy will affect you on a personal level book your month ahead reading with me.

Thank you for reading

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