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Mercury In Leo Strengthen Your Mind

Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, will be in the confident and creative sign of Leo from July 19th until August 4th.

Mercury is the fastest moving of the planets (besides the Moon) and can never go more than one sign away from the Sun. In astrology, Mercury represents how we think and communicate; during its transits, it makes us objectively look at the topics it is connected to.

Leo is a fixed fire sign represented by the lion and ruled by the Sun. This sign is all about strength, ambition and determination; just like the sun never goes backwards, Leo is consistently forging forward to achieve its goal with creativity and persistence.

When Mercury transits through the sign of Leo, it will prompt us to objectively look at how we express ourselves on our journey towards our goals. This transit will help us to get our voices heard by having us communicate what we need to go towards what we want. During this short transit, it would be a great idea to look at our goals and create plans of action to work towards them.

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