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It's Leo Season!!

The Sun will be in the sign of Leo from the 22nd of July to the 23 of August.

In Astrology, the Sun represents our Ego, wants, and sense of self. Think of the Sun as the guiding light in our lives, illuminating the topic of the sign and house it is in. When the Sun moves to a new sign, it shifts our focus. Now the Sun is moving into its natural home.

Leo is a fixed fire sign and represented by the Lion. Some keywords for Leo include confidence, benevolence, and authority showing its solar qualities. Leo season is the middle of summer when the days are long and nights are short. It is a time when we get more done and receive more energy from the Sun to complete tasks and enjoy ourselves.

When the Sun enters the benevolent sign of Leo, it shows its full power. This is when we see what has manifested after months of hard work and dedication. It also is a time when we look toward what we can create. The fixed fire energy of Leo will sustain our passion and efforts whilst the Sun illuminates what needs to be done. It is a time to try new things and start new projects but remember to have fun because this is a beautiful time of year.

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