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Earth and Space

Writer, Astrologer and Life Coach 

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About Me

As an Astrologer, Writer, Life Coach and Speaker, I help people better understand, accept and work with themselves. 

Acceptance is a core value of my practice. I help people understand the different parts of their personalities and how to get the most out of them.  Through various readings, meditations, coaching sessions and more, I break down complex spiritual ideas into practical steps for daily use.

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Lisa James

"Wow! I had the most amazing birth chart reading from Daryl! I have always had an interest in Astrology but Daryl takes these readings to a whole different level! I was blown away with the accuracy and attention to detail in explaining what everything meant and how the chart and location of the planets and star signs are so unique to me!"


Gachu Kimathi

After the session I felt this burst of energy reverberating from within. I found the session to be very illuminating. The reading gave me a lot of assurance to keep on doing what I've already been doing, not to be so hard on myself, to trust the process and to let go of the fear of the unknown having faith in myself and my innate gifts and abilities instead. Instead of telling me how to live my life or what I should be doing with my life, you simply shared what you learnt from my chart and allowed me to put things into perspective myself based on where I'm at on this journey. I'm truly grateful and honoured to have shared this experience with you


Natasha Thompson

My reading with Daryl was really insightful and detailed. He went into a lot of depth and explained all the aspects of my chart in a straightforward way. There were so many times that I found the reading mirrored some of the personal thoughts and insights I've had and felt but have been unable to articulate. I was able to ask questions and understood a few of my own observations better. Daryl is really knowledgeable and is clearly well versed in astrology. I really appreciated his insight and knowledge.

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“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

Hermes Trismegistus

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